Gmail sign up

Among all the email service providers today, Gmail by Google is the most frequently used services. Gmail’s user friendly interface and countless other features give it a certain edge over its rivals. Most people use Gmail to send and receive mail, but the Gmail account gives you access to a host of other features and free services such as Google Analytics, Google Photos, Google Drive, Google Adsense, Google Maps and Google news. These extra incentives should make Gmail your first choice when you consider which website to Gmail sign up on. 

Signing up for a new Gmail account is completely free of charge. In addition to that, the signing up process is simple and not time consuming at all. You can set up your very own Gmail account in a few minutes by following the step-by-step guide below. If you still aren’t convinced then Gmail’s large storage capacity of 15 GB might help make up your mind. Yes, Gmail gives you 15 GB of storage space to store all your email data. Furthermore, Google Drive and Google Photos let you store all your documents, pictures and data and view it from any of your android devices. If you now want to sign up for a Gmail account as fast as possible, then follow the steps given below and get started!

How to sign up for my new Gmail account?

Before proceeding with the actual process of Gmail sign up, you should take a look at all that Google mail has to offer you. Having a Google email is equivalent to having an account on websites such as Picasa and YouTube. It will also give you access to services like Google Photos and Google Drive, which let you store your images and documents online so you can view them from any device. The only things you need to remember are your email and your password. By entering these two things you can Gmail sign in from any device and enjoy all the cool features on Gmail without having to Gmail sign up for everything separately.This means you don’t have to go through all the hassle and still have accounts on multiple sites. These accounts will be connected and will make sharing easier than ever before.

Gmail Sign up Guide sign up

  1. Type in the URL bar to visit the Gmail website or go directly to the Gmail sign up form by clicking here.
  2. Upon reaching the site, you will see a link ‘Create a New Account.’ Click this link and it will direct you to the Gmail sign up form.
  3. The form shows up in a separate window and contains a few empty boxes which you need to fill.
  4. All the lines need to be filled. You must pay attention while filling this information and remember what you entered. A detailed preview of all the boxes and what you have to enter into them is given below.
  5. Once you’ve filled in the form and all the details, type the captcha code and click ‘Next step.’ Google might ask a few additional questions in the next step.
  6. Congratulations. You have just created a new Gmail account. Now all you need to do in order to access it is gmail sign in. Which you can do here.

    Put your first and last name in these lines. It is advisable to use your real name for your Gmail account to keep it genuine.

    Choose a username
    You have to choose an appropriate and unique username and type it in this box. This username will act as your email through which you can sign in to your account. All email addresses end with ‘’ but you can choose what comes before that. (For example

    Create and confirm password
    Choose a password which you can easily memorize. Make sure this password is not too easy. Then you have to re-type the password to confirm it. Your password is needed whenever you log in to your account. Make sure it is strong and safe to make your account less prone to security threats. You need to remember this password to sign in to your account. In case you forget it, you can reset it easily.

    Date of birth
    Gmail asks for your date of birth, which includes the day, month and year in which you were born. Enter these correctly.

    In this step you have to select your gender. Select either male or female.

    Phone Number
    Your phone number is required so Google can contact you easily and make your account more secure. However, Google will not advertise or reveal this phone number on the internet. It is advisable to enter your real mobile number so Google can contact you if you have a password and account retrieval issues.

    Alternate email address
    Enter your current email, if you have one. Google will use this email to contact you for various things. It will make the password reset process easier.

What is signing in to Gmail?

After you’ve made an account (Gmail sign up) you can easily sign in by entering your password and email. This is so simple that you can do it in only a few seconds. Once you’ve signed in, you can view all your mail in the inbox. In a few quick steps you can log into your account and access everything that Google has to offer you. Follow the steps given below in order to sign in to Gmail and view your inbox.

How to sign in to Gmail

Gmail login
  1. First, you have to visit the Gmail website by typing
  2. Click on the link that says ‘sign in’. You will be taken to the login form.
  3. The page will ask you for your email and password. Enter the email which you chose while signing up. The email always ends with ‘’ (for example: Once you’ve entered the email, type in your password an make sure the caps lock is closed if your password is in lower case letters.
  4. If you want your Gmail to sign in automatically when you open it in the browser, then check the box beside ‘Stay signed in’. This will ensure you that your Gmail account is open whenever you visit the website
  5. If you encounter any other problems then click on the link that says ‘Need Help?’ this will take you to a page which will ask you what your issue is. It gives you options like ‘I don’t know my password’, ‘I don’t know my username’, and ‘I’m having other problems signing in’. Tick one of the boxes and continue.
  6. Once you’ve entered the correct information click on the Sign in button.
  7. Some red fields may appear if you’ve entered the incorrect email and password. If you’ve typed everything correctly, then you will be taken to your Gmail inbox from where you can start sending and receiving mail. If the boxes remain red after several attempts, click on the link that says ‘Need Help?’ This will take you to the page with the options mentioned above. If there’ an issue with the password, then it can easily be solved by resetting it.
  8. Congratulations, you now have signed in to your Google account which you can use for various purposes.

Signing out of Gmail

After you’re done by using your Gmail account, you can sign out easily by following a few steps. Signing out is important if you open your account on a public domain where people can view your private mail. It helps you to protect your account from external threats and to keep all your precious emails safe. To sign out follow the few simple steps given below:

  1. First visit the website If you’re logged into your Gmail account, you will directly be taken to your inbox.
  2. At the top-right corner you will see an icon in your profile picture or the standard Google account picture on it. Click on this icon and a small window should pop up. Now click on the sign out button at the very bottom of this window.
  3. After clicking sign out, Google will automatically sign out of your account and you’ll be taken to the sign in page again. Now you know how to sign out of Google in a few easy steps!

Can you have multiple Gmail accounts?

You can create as many Gmail accounts as you like. It is completely free to sign up for a new account. Many people make different accounts of their personal and professional use. You can also connect these two accounts or use them separately. Gmail lets you handle multiple accounts without asking for any money. This means that you can create several accounts on Gmail without having to go through any hassle or wasting a lot of time.

Why to sign up for Gmail?

Besides Hotmail and Yahoo mail, Gmail is one of the most convenient and easy to use free emailing services out there. It’s used by billions of people all around the world. The additional benefits of having a Gmail account make it the best emailing service. Through Gmail, you can have a google plus account, a YouTube account and a Picasa account. You can also manage your very own Google Cloud which is like iCloud and gives you ample space to manage your data online. Like, Facebook google has its own Social Network known as Google Plus. Google Plus can be used for sharing and free video/audio conferencing. Google Plus can also be accessed through your Gmail account. Google mail also has an Android, iOS and Windows app. This app is also free of charge and is frequently updated to include interesting features. Gmail also ensures your privacy and security by protecting your account from all potentially harmful threats. The password resetting process is also uncomplicated and one does not have to worry about wasting a large amount of time in order to reset a password. All in all, Google mail is a terrific way to connect, send and receive mails, store data and create an online presence.

Gmail is a free service?

Gmail is without a doubt, a free of charge service. You can easily sign up without spending even a single penny. You can sign up by visiting the site Apart from Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo mail also provide free services to users all around the globe. It is truly great that you can use all these services without spending a single dime. Google mail is definitely the best option if you want to smartly manage all your accounts online. Sign up for Gmail to get your very own YouTube and Picasa accounts. Google also lets you install a lot of add-ons for Google Chrome and you can also use your Google Play Store with the same account.