Gmail Sign In tutorial: Learn the steps to access your Gmail account

The first and foremost thing for Gmail sign in is to have a Gmail or Google Account which simply means that you should have a username and password that has been registered in the server. For that you just have to Sign Up that is create a new account with Gmail.

This is a very easy and simple process and you can select Gmail sign up option on the website (it's below the Gmail sign in box) and follow the instructions.


While signing up you have to select a username for yourself and a password, these information is used for the Gmail sign in. Username and password are essential for performing the Gmail sign in in future, so remember them always. Another important thing while signing up is to choose a strong password so that your account is more secured. There is also an option of changing your password anytime you need when ever you have a thought that your password is not a secured one or if you find that some other password will be more suitable.

The steps to login to Gmail

After you have created your Gmail account you will want to access it by performing a Gmail sign in. How to do this? Check out the manual given ahead and follow the simple steps for performing your Gmail sign in.

Step 1: Go to webpage of the Gmail by entering in the URL of your browser.
Step 2: An interface as shown in the image below will be displayed when you complete the first step, where you have to enter your username and password if you know both the feilds or simply registered already. sign in screen step 1

Step 3: Type your username (email address) that you entered during the registration process in the first box of the interface where you can find email as the label. sign in screen step 2

Step 4: Type the password you have selected for yourself during the Gmail sign up process in the second box on the interface. Ensure that you have entered correct username and password to enjoy mailing service. sign in screen step 3

Step 5: After entering your username and password select the “Sign In” button in blue this will lead you to another page where you can send and receive email. sign in screen step 4

Step 6: Congratulations! You have now signed in to your account successfully. Enjoy! the services from Gmail. You can Gmail sign in again by following the same steps above.

Gmail login page

Possible errors during the sign in steps

Reset Gmail passwordWhen you Gmail sign in you can sometimes encounter multiple errors. Also every Gmail user gets an error once during Gmail sign in, mostly because there is a possiblity to enter a wrong username or Gmail password at the Gmail sign in screen. These kind of errors prevent you from performing a Gmail sign in. Whenever you get an error that you have entered a wrong password, it is so simple to find out the reason for the error, in most of the cases, the password is misspelt. So, try typing the password again or you can also type in another document and copy/paste from there since the password will be a hidden variable in the Gmail sign in page of the browser.

What to do when I forgot my Gmail password?

As human errors can't be avoided the users of may enter their password wrong as they may find it difficult to type, with Google covering the letters with an asterisk for security reasons after you enter them. You can solve this problem by typing the password in an empty notebook file and pasting from there which surely reduce the occurance of error.

However, if this still does not solve your problem then indeed you have forgot your password. You can solve this problem by asking for a new password at services. Click on “Need Help” on the Google interface.


Reset Gmail passwordReset account password
Reset account password option 1
Reset account password option 2
Reset account password option 3

What is sign in and how can I sign up? is the most popular email service provider all over the world and currently offers free service email account to millions of people worldwide. is completely free and it does not require any kind of payment at all. It is the most commonly used service of Google and is also connected with other services provided by Google. The Google users do not have to Gmail sign up separately for Gmail, you can Gmail sign in using your Google account. The biggest benefit of using Gmail is that it can viewed anytime and anywhere you want. The servers are also available all time so you will never have to face a down-time. Google has also, recently launched Gmail app for the smartphone and tablet users. So, if you need to connect in with your account all you need a device with an internet connection.

Benefits of Gmail

As you may already have guessed, is one the user-friendly service provider which has many benefits as compared to other free email service providers. Another advantage of is that it's really easy to Gmail sign in from multiple devices. Most of the free email services provide a limited amount of storage capacity for email, on the other hand a Gmail sign in provides you with more than 15GB of storage that too free. Many users will find that this storage is much more than enough for usual email traffic and they never have to worry about deleting their mails because of shortage of space. Another benefit of sign in is that it is a customer-free interface making it very easy to sign in with. also provides great support to its registered users. All you have to do is ask your query with the Google employees. Gmail also has a support page that answers most of the frequently asked questions, so you will be able to get your answer their most of the times.

How can you sign up for a new account with Gmail?

Gmail sign up

If you want to login to your Gmail account, you need to have a registered username and password so, you must create a Gmail account first. Gmail sign in provides you with free email service and you do not have to pay at any step. Once you have created a Gmail account, you can also avail other services by Google such as Google Drive etc.
The process of signing up with Gmail take just two to three minutes and then you can send and receive mails and enjoy all other services too.
Check out the tutorial given with simple steps and procedures and go ahead to learn how to create a Gmail account.
Step 1: Visit the Google page then type gmail and search and find the gmail webpage.
Step 2: Select the option “Create a Gmail account” at the top most right hand side corner. You will be forwarded to a new page having a complete Gmail sign up form where you need to provide your complete required details for a gmail account.
Step 3: You will notice a series of fields given to be filled. Given below is the information about every field.

Name- enter your full name in this field. Every time you send a Gmail email you will see your name that you have entered here.
Choose your username- you have to type in a desired username in this field.This username will help you each and every time while logging in. All Gmail accounts end with an extension- You can only choose what comes before this extension. It is an important field because other people will be able to send you email only through your username. The most important thing is to select a unique name otherwise you will be prompted the message “Someone already has that username. Try another”. You will have to keep entering different usernames until Gmail says it’s free to use. You can also add numbers in your username. If you think you will forget your username, it will better that you write it down somewhere, or else you will not be able to Gmail sign in. Please remember that you will have to enter these details everytime you want to Gmail sign in.
Create a password- here you have to create a password for your account. It is mandatory for your password to have eight characters. You can use numbers and symbol along with alphabets in your password. You should make a password with strong strength so that your account cannot be hacked easily. Gmail's feature will show you the strenght of the password you provided with three different options namely, weak, moderate and storng with different colour indication too.You can also write down your password and keep it in a safe place for your future reference and which helps you to escape from forget password option.
Confirm your password- you have to re-enter your password in this field with the same that you provided in the create a password field so as to verify it. The perfect match is mandatory.
Birthday- there are three fields in birthday where you have enter the month, day and year of your birth. Enter legit information as you might need it in case of recovering your Gmail account.
Gender- choose between the options that are available in the gender field as male, female, or other.
Mobile phone- enter your mobile number in this field. Select the country code carefully before entering the number. Check it more than once if you have entered correct number in this field. This is an important field as you will require it while changing your password in future after Gmail sign in.Verification code will also be send to this moblie number which you type in this field.
Current email address- if you already have an existing email address then, enter it in this field. It will also be required during password recovery when you forgot your password.
Prove you’re not a robot- in this part of the Gmail sign up process where you have to show that you are are a human and you are not a robot. If you don't like to do this step you can simply skip this Prove that You are not a robot step by selecting “Skip this verification”.
Captcha: Type the text- you have to enter the Captcha symbol displayed in this field. It may include numbers, letters, capital alphabets, or symbols which may not clear and oly can be recogonised by a human not by machines.
Location- you have to select your location in this field such as India or United States. Select the country where you live.

Step 4: After completing the Gmail sign up form, ensure that you have filled in all the fields correctly with out any errors and check the words for spelling errors. Write down your username and password in case you think you can forget it which will help you the most in your first and next login process unitl you get it in your heart.
Step 5: Select the option “Next step” and you will be forwarded to your all-new account inbox. Keep your details secured, you will need this everytime you Gmail sign in.
Congratulations! You are a Google user now officially. You are now ready to use your account and the services along with it. You can now Gmail sign in to your account!

How to sign out of your Gmail account if you are signed in?

Gmail can be accesed from anywhere and from any device if you have a vaild username and password. The personal device is not the only option for your Gmail sign in, so the users may to know about the sigin out option which can be viewd in the right corner of the gmail page along with other options. The user may not want to stay signed in at all times. You can opt to Gmail sign out of your account if you do not anybody else accessing your account. Gmail signing out is quite a simple process. just follow the steps given below.

Step 1: First of all, Gmail sign in to your account at You will be automatically forwarded to your inbox.
Step 2: In the right hand side corner of your account you will see your own profile photo. Click on it and a drop down menu will appear. At the end of the menu there will be a button “Sign Out”. Select it and you will be signed out of your account.
Step 3: Whenever you want to sign in again go to the site and select Sign in” option. Enter your username and password and you can once again sign in to your account.